Devotional Worship Book of Shetaut Neter

Devotional Worship Book of Shetaut Neter


Contributor(s): Ashby, Muata (Author)
Ushet Hekau Shedi Sema Taui Uashu or Ushet means “to worship the Divine,” “to propitiate the Divine.” Ushet is of two types, external and internal. When you go to pilgrimage centers, temples, spiritual gatherings, etc., you are practicing external worship or spiritual practice. When you go into your private meditation room on your own and your utter words of power, prayers and meditation you are practicing internal worship or spiritual practice. Ushet needs to be understood as a process of not only an outer show of spiritual practice, but it is also a process of developing love for the Divine. Therefore, Ushet really signifies a development in Devotion towards the Divine. This practice is also known as sma uash or Yoga of Devotion. Ushet is the process of discovering the Divine and allowing your heart to flow towards the Divine. This program of life allows a spiritual aspirant to develop inner peace, contentment and universal love, and these qualities lead to spiritual enlightenment or union with the Divine. It is recommended that you see the book “The Path of Divine Love” by Dr. Muata Ashby. This volume will give details into this form of Sema or Yoga.

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Publisher:  Sema Institute / C.M. Book Publishing
Pub Date:  11/2006
ISBN:  1884564321
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