The chronicles of a titian Brianna Transformation

The chronicles of a titian Brianna: Transformation


Sixteen year old Briana Thompson lives a luxurious New York City girl life. She lives in an awesome condo with her mother, Haley Davies, and she shops for the latest in fashion: clothes, shoes, and accessories. This is the life. Unfortunately, that is all about to change. When her mother gets a job offer on the other side of the United States, Briana is plucked out of her big city comfort zone. She is forced to make a decision, live with her aunt or take up residency in California. She opts to stay in the small city of Papers, New York, rather than no New York at all, with her mother’s sister, Jamie Davies, until she graduates high school. But there is an upside to her relocation, her best friend, Yasmeen Jones, lives in Papers.

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By S.A. Rahmaan


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