Character Queen’s ABC’s


by Raymona L. Ellison

Product Description

As a parent, educator, or loving adult in a young child’s life, one could use this book of affirmations as individual lessons. Select a word for the child to focus on for a specific period of time. The child may learn it, recite it, possibly add movements or a melody, and allow it to become a daily expectation and life-long guide. Then, find teachable moments in your time together to emphasize the word’s meaning, daily use, behavioral expectation, what it looks like in “real life,” the possible consequences of not embracing it, and why it’s important to you.


This book can be a great resource and teaching tool, but remember: kids will be what they see! So BEWARE…as you teach these principles as standards, the kids will likely hold you to the same standards, and look to you as their example.


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